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Though sucralose has been touted by many as a beneficial way to achieve healthy weight loss, the results of many studies are starting to indicate that this is far from the truth. There had been six major human trials published before 2006 on the topic of sucralose - only two of which were published before sucralose received its approval from the FDA declaring it fit for human consumption.

Those two trials, upon which the FDA based its judgment, involved only 36 human participants. This number gets even lower when you find out that only 23 of those individuals were actually given sucralose in the tests, and the rest were the control group who were not exposed to sucralose.

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Of these two trials, the longest was only four days in length, and examined not human tolerance, but tooth decay. Doesn't say much about the safety of this product which is supposed to offer healthy weight loss.

The Splenda revolution

Splenda, the brand-name version of sucralose, has changed the world in terms of artificial sweeteners, through an incredibly effective marketing campaign, with the slogan "made from sugar, so it tastes like sugar".

It is now the top selling artificial sweetener.

Though the company that owns Splenda, McNeil Nutritionals, boasts that the product has been tested over 100 times to ensure consumer safety, what it doesn't tell you is that almost every one of those tests were performed on animals - not humans.

More Splenda Worries

Only after the FDA already approved the use of sucralose, were longer-term human toxicity research results published.

However, even those have been strikingly minimal, lasting only three months (much shorter than the majority of consumers would be using the product - and there haven't been any studies at all on the impact of sucralose on pregnant women or on children.

Of course, the safety of the product doesn't come close to being the primary controversy surrounding this chemical. Instead, it is the marketing campaign that has most of the people who are opposed to Splenda up in arms. The sugar industry disagrees with the fact that Splenda claims to be a natural sweetener that is calorie-free.

Is sucralose the same as sugar?

Sucralose does indeed begin as a molecule of sugar. However, the factory takes over from there. It undergoes a five-step, patented procedure where three molecules of chlorine are added, making it a synthetic chemical. This new chemical is entirely different from the original sugar composition and does not occur in nature. For this reason, your body cannot metabolize it, meaning that it is calorie-free.

That being said, Splenda is not naturally calorie-free, it's just that your body can't metabolize it, making the chemical behave as though it was.

Is it safe?

It is very difficult to tell whether or not your sucralose consumption is affecting you and if it is, whether or not this is a harmful effect or if it should be considered a part of healthy weight loss. Without further testing, it's virtually impossible to know if it is damaging to your health.

There are many stories of people who have had adverse reaction to products containing sucralose. While the FDA maintains its approval, it remains on the shelves, so it is up to you as to whether or not you are willing to be a guinea pig.

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