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Being over weight does not just have an effect on your physical appearance the mental effects can be just as damaging, low self-esteem and depression are often suffered because of weight issues. Therefore, losing weight is not just about looking good in a pair of jeans but about improving the quality of life to such a degree that the health benefits are incalculable. It is for this reason that many people search for weight loss plans that will help them lose weight quickly and effectively.

The first thing anybody should do before beginning a campaign to lose weight is to set themselves a benchmark. A benchmark is a starting point that is recorded to judge every weight loss effort against; you will find it much easier to focus on targets by doing this.

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The easiest way to do this is to pay your doctor a visit and ask his advice regarding best weight loss methods and goal setting. He will give you a full physical examination and will give you your current weights and measurements and the weights and measurements you should be for someone of your height and build.

Once you have your benchmark it is time to start losing weight and there are four areas you will need to look at changing these are, what you eat, how you eat, behavior and activity levels.

Here are the tips to fast track weight loss.

A weight loss campaign is multi-faceted, not only are you looking to cut back on the amount of food you eat, but also the type of food you eat, you will also need to look at an exercise routine and your personal mindset needs to adjust which can be done with the aid of goal setting.

Firstly you will need a weight loss plan that you like. There are many available on the internet and you will find information at the foot of this article about the best and most popular plans. A word of advice would be to look at plans that don't promote pre-packaged meals, diet shakes, pills etc as part of their plan. They WILL cost a fortune over time and are a complete waste of money especially as Mother Nature provides foods that do a better and healthier job for far less of your hard earned money.

You then need to plan an exercise routine, nothing drastic at first, just 15 minutes a day either walking briskly, jogging, cycling, swimming whatever you feel comfortable doing. Over time you can incorporate weight and lengthen the amount of time you exercise, a good rule of thumb is if you are finding it easy to do pick up the pace!

Goal setting will allow you to set reasonably easy weight loss targets that should be easily achieved. Two pounds a week is a great weekly goal to aim for, it isn't so large that it scares the hell out of you but its good enough to drop 20 pounds in 10 weeks, always look at the bigger picture. By setting your goals right you give yourself every chance of success.

By putting these things into practice you should give yourself a solid foundation from where you can move forward and get rid of your unwanted fat.

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