How to Avoid 10 Dreadful Mistakes That Will Make Your Weight Loss Attempt Fail

You have tried so many times to lose weight and it never worked out properly? Did you ever really ask yourself why? Did it ever come to your mind that many of the ways people use to lose weight are the wrong ways? As long as people have wanted to lose weight, they have been making the same mistakes over and over again. Be clever this time and don't walk into these traps again!

1. Starving yourself: Whereas people often think that barely eating will make them lose weight quickly, the exact opposite happens. It's much better to eat normal amounts but healthy. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables can help you to lose weight.

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2. Over-exercising: Regular exercising is an important key to lose weight. But if you push yourself far over your limits, you will harm your body rather than lose weight. Give yourself a chance to slowly get used to exercising. Ask a professional fitness trainer to work out a program for you.

3. No exercising: Exercising is crucial, especially if you want to lose a lot of weight. Merely changing your diet won't have the same effect. Exercising also strengthens your immune system and releases hormones that make you happy.

4. Wrong type of exercises: Many people use aerobics to lose weight. Rather focus on exercises that build up muscle, for muscles are excellent calorie burners. Cross-aerobics (e.g. combining jogging, biking and rowing) is also working. Training will prevent the weight loss problem of also losing muscle and rather work on losing fat.

5. Poor planning : Write down your weight-loss-plan and stick to it so you don't lose your way.How much weight do you want to lose? In which time? How should your nutrition look like? Write shopping lists to avoid buying things you won't be able to resist at home. Plan your exercises, including alternate plans for times when things go wrong.
. Unrealistic goals: If you set your goals too high, you won't be able to achieve them and get frustrated. Set yourself small goals you can achieve. Make sure they are realistic, measurable and time specific. Losing 1 kg in one week is realistic, you can measure it and it's a definite time.

7. Failure to make adjustments: If you, for example, notice, that your weight loss has slowed down, ask why. Maybe you need to exercise more. Or you need to cut down even more on fat in your diet.

8. Stressing: Don't let your weight loss attempt stress you out! This will only have negative effects on your body. Give yourself time. Comparing your weight with others won't help you either. Think positive, believe in yourself!

9. Being too strict with yourself: Many diets have failed because of completely denying luxury, resulting in an irresistible craving for prohibited foods. You are more likely to be faithful to your plan if you allow yourself some times off, e.g. one day of the week when you spoil yourself a bit.

10. Going back to normal once the weight is lost: If you go back to your old habits, the kilos will soon come back. Find a sport you like and a healthy way of eating you enjoy. Stick to them even after your diet is finished, then lasting success is guaranteed.

Now you know what is standing in between you and your dream weight. You know where the dangers are lurking. Don't make these mistakes again! You are now aware of them, and with that you half-ways won already. Now, with this new found knowledge, you can confidently start losing weight, achieve your goal and keep your success.

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